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Take Action!

Each year, more than 30,000 Americans are killed by gun violence – homicides, suicides and incidental shootings. That number is ten times more than the number of Americans killed by terrorists on 9/11. Yet Congress has failed to act. Felons, terrorists, domestic abusers and the seriously violent mentally ill continue to have easy access to firearms and ammunition because of our weak gun laws.

Another 70,000 Americans - in urban, suburban and rural communities - are injured annually, some of them so seriously they require a lifetime of care. We can stop this daily toll.

States United and its affiliate state groups are making American children, families and communities safer by pushing for stronger legislation and educating our communities to the dangers of gun violence.

You can help us make a difference:

  1. You may be invested in gun companies and not even know it. Here's how to take your money out.
  2. Sign our petition to keep children safe and healthy. Dozens of children are shot every month because they find loaded guns in their homes or the homes of relatives or family friends. Responsible gun owners keep their firearms unloaded, locked and safely secured at all times. Join us in calling for safe storage to keep children safe from gun tragedies.
  3. Call your elected representatives in Congress and tell them you support safety measures like background checks on all gun sales, a ban on military-style assault weapons on our streets, and a limit on high-capacity magazines.
  4. Volunteer in your state. Our state affiliates are advocating for legislation promoting safer communities and are stopping bad bills that endanger our families. Join our affiliate in your state and demand a stop to gun violence.
  5. Donate to States United. Help us continue our technical support, coalition building and training to state groups working for a safer America.
  6. Thank you!