Gun Violence Archive: The Daily Toll of Guns in America Collects and checks for accuracy, comprehensive information about gun-related violence in the U.S.

Gun Safety and Public Health: Americans own an estimated 310 million firearms. Yet research has repeatedly shown that firearms in a home make residents less safe.

Mass Shooting Tracker: Tracks incidents where four or more people are shot in one event.

Mental health and gun violence: A single-minded focus on mental health is misguided. Mental illness only accounts for about 4 percent of violence in the U.S.

Children and Guns: One child or teen dies or is injured from guns every 30 minutes.

Gun Violence and Millennials: How gun violence is devastating a generation.

Women, Domestic Violence and Guns: Guns do not make women safer. They exponentially increase the lethality of attacks against women targeted by domestic abusers and stalkers. 

Suicide and Guns: Means matter. Firearms are a risk factor for suicide.

The Gun Safety Debate: The facts on assault weapons, universal background checks, dealer inspections and high-capacity magazines.

Universal Background Checks: They work. Yet federal law doesn’t require them on 40% of gun sales.

Stand Your Ground Laws are Misnamed: They are a license to shoot at will and undermine public safety.

National Gun Violence Prevention Resources

Americans for Responsible Solutions 

Brady Campaign to Prevent Violence 

Campaign to Unload 

Center for American Progress 

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence  

Everytown for Gun Safety 

Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence 

Gun Free Kids: Keep Guns Off Campus 

Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence  

Moms Demand Action 

Moms Rising 

National Physicians Alliance 

Newtown Action Alliance 

Sandy Hook Promise 

Student Pledge Against Gun Violence 

Violence Policy Center