Unload Your 401K

We’re heartbroken over the daily toll of gun violence – on our college campuses, in our neighborhoods, in our churches.

And we’re angry. If young people dying is not enough to move gun makers to become responsible allies in reducing gun deaths and injuries, then it’s time we all make them feel the pain in the one way they care about – the bottom line.

Join the movement to divest. Take your money out of guns now. Our campaign – with partners Campaign to Unload and #NoGunsAllowed – focuses on three publicly traded gun industry companies – Sturm Ruger, Smith & Wesson, and Olin – which produce either assault weapons or ammunition. Here’s how:

  • Go to UnloadYour401K.com to find out if your 401k may be invested in guns and follow the steps to get your money out.
  • Or simply call your HR rep or your financial advisor and tell them you want to know if you are in gun stocks and how to divest. Use the helpful tips in our handbook to start the discussion.

Why divest? Gun companies could be good corporate citizens, working to make gun safety a priority and clamping down on the grey market in illegal guns. Instead, they spend millions lobbying against commonsense gun laws that 90% of Americans support.

Gun makers continue to put profit over our families’ lives and safety.

  • Their lobbyists have protected irresponsible conduct by making sure they are almost impossible to sue,
  • They have lobbied for exemptions from commonsense consumer safety regulations,
  • They have lobbied to block research into the public health challenges of gun violence and how to prevent it, and
  • They have lobbied to gag doctors from talking about safe gun storage, even in homes with a family member who is severely depressed or mentally ill and threatening to harm himself or others.

In addition to the loss of our loved ones – 30,000 Americans each year -- gun violence is costing us as a nation an estimated $229 billion each year.

You and I are footing the bill while gun manufacturers reap the profits.

Take a stand! After you’ve divested, tell your friends #ImUnloading and ask them to join you. Download this printable sign, take a selfie, and share the news that you’re divesting on social media using the hash tag #ImUnloading.

Can you make a difference? Every investor who decides to sell a company's stock sends a message. Together, we can force an entire industry to reconsider how it does business. Your actions count!

* Our UnloadYour401k website provides information on mutual funds, but pension funds may own stakes in gun companies too. You don't have as much influence on pension fund investment decisions, but you have every right to contact your financial advisor, pension administrator, or union representatives to express how important it is to you that your retirement not be tied to gun-related investments.