Marching For Change

Connecticut Against Gun Violence rallies 5,000 people to support safer gun legislation.

Educating The Public

New Mexicans for Gun Safety reminds parents to ask if guns are stored safely.

Giving People A Voice

Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort delivers 16,500 petitions to the state house in support of background checks on ALL gun sales.

Standing Together

Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence rallies for common sense laws and safer communities.

Informing Elected Officials

Colorado Ceasefire testifies for stronger gun laws before the Colorado state legislature.

Community Involvement

The Massachusetts group, Stop Handgun Violence, works to give kids a safe activity by sponsoring a neighborhood Little League team.

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Our America

Tell Us

It's clear what kind of America the Gun Extremists want. They want guns everywhere - in our schools, parks, and neighborhoods. Now it's time that we let everyone know what kind of American we want. Join our campaign and tell us what kind of America you want.

Tell Congress: Protect women from violent partners and stalkers

A woman has a 500% increased risk of being killed if a violent partner has a gun. Tell Congress to protect ALL women from abusive partners and stalkers, not just married women.

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Read the Latest

Open carry advocates in Texas are getting so scary that state lawmakers are being allowed to install panic buttons in their offices and boot out unruly visitors.

The Texas House of Representatives adopted new housekeeping rules after several legislators complained of nasty confrontations with advocates of looser controls on openly carried weapons.

Unload Your 401k

You may be invested in gun companies and not even know it. Visit Unload Your 401k to find out.

CeasefireUSA: The GVP Report

Bi-weekly highlights of national and state gun violence prevention advocacy, research, news stories, and citizen commentary.

Precious LivesPrecious Lives is a two-year project about young people and gun violence in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.  371 Productions will produce 100 weekly public radio reports. Each story ends with a clear way that listeners can get involved or find help. Community partners include Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort.  Listen to the first story: How do you measure the loss of a five-year-old girl?
Success stories MSNBC looks at gun violence prevention success stories you haven't heard. Stories include: confirmation of Dr. Vivek Murthy as U.S. surgeon general, $73 million to improve the NICS background check system and a variety of state legislation that strengthens gun laws.
TrinityA federal judge ordered Wal-Mart to let shareholders vote on a proposal submitted by Trinity Episcopal Church to force tighter oversight of its sale of guns with high capacity magazines. Click here to read more about the shareholder proposal from Rev. Dr. James Cooper.