Marching For Change

Connecticut Against Gun Violence rallies 5,000 people to support safer gun legislation.

Educating The Public

New Mexicans for Gun Safety reminds parents to ask if guns are stored safely.

Giving People A Voice

Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort delivers 16,500 petitions to the state house in support of background checks on ALL gun sales.

Standing Together

Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence rallies for common sense laws and safer communities.

Informing Elected Officials

Colorado Ceasefire testifies for stronger gun laws before the Colorado state legislature.

Community Involvement

The Massachusetts group, Stop Handgun Violence, works to give kids a safe activity by sponsoring a neighborhood Little League team.

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Take Action

Tell Congress: Protect women from violent partners and stalkers

1 in 4 American women experience physical violence from an intimate partner, and every month 46 women are killed by an intimate partner with a gun.

Twenty years ago Congress passed the landmark Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, but this can't wait. We need Congress to step up and plug the loopholes to protect women now.

Contact your Senators now to ask them to support this bill >>

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Read the Latest

If the police discover that someone is being threatened with murder, should they try to protect that person from being killed? Or extend a helping hand to the individual doing the threatening?

When media critic Anita Sarkeesian was invited to Utah State University recently to give a presentation on her campaign against abusive representations of women in video games, an anonymous student sent university officials an email threatening “the deadliest school shooting in American history” if she went ahead with her talk.

Keep Children Safe

Watch our public service announcement: Protect children from unlocked, loaded guns.
Sign our petition here.

CeasefireUSA: The GVP Report

Bi-weekly highlights of national and state gun violence prevention advocacy, research, news stories, and citizen commentary.

Oklahoma college presidents More than half of Oklahoma's public college presidents went to the state Capitol to tell lawmakers "placing guns on campus would be a serious mistake."   For the second consecutive year, governing boards of Arkansas' universities voted unanimously to prohibit carrying of guns on their campuses. The Faculty Senate at the University of Wyoming also solidified its position against guns on campus.
Sandy Hook Politico reports on how in Newtown, healing comes slowly. As the two-year anniversary of the deadly shooting approaches, students and staff in the school district still struggle with the sense that school is an unsafe place, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, and grief.
Philadelphia mayorGoverning Magazine. With gun control legislation failing at the federal level, cities get creative and find new ways to address gun violence. Hampered by preemption laws, cities shift away from going after weapons themselves to a new focus on curtailing their unsafe use.