Marching For Change

Connecticut Against Gun Violence rallies 5,000 people to support safer gun legislation.

Educating The Public

New Mexicans for Gun Safety reminds parents to ask if guns are stored safely.

Giving People A Voice

Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort delivers 16,500 petitions to the state house in support of background checks on ALL gun sales.

Standing Together

Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence rallies for common sense laws and safer communities.

Informing Elected Officials

Colorado Ceasefire testifies for stronger gun laws before the Colorado state legislature.

Community Involvement

The Massachusetts group, Stop Handgun Violence, works to give kids a safe activity by sponsoring a neighborhood Little League team.

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Guns With History

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT, sign our petition at: Every Gun Has A History. Let's Not Repeat It.

States United To Prevent Gun Violence opens a "gun store" in NYC as a hidden camera social experiment to debunk safety myths. Every gun has a history. Let's not repeat it. Learn more at


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Our America

Tell Us

It's clear what kind of America the Gun Extremists want. They want guns everywhere - in our schools, parks, and neighborhoods. Now it's time that we let everyone know what kind of American we want. Join our campaign and tell us what kind of America you want.

Tell Congress: Protect women from violent partners and stalkers

A woman has a 500% increased risk of being killed if a violent partner has a gun. Tell Congress to protect ALL women from abusive partners and stalkers, not just married women.

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Read the Latest

How hard would it be to make a “smart gun,” a weapon designed with safety in mind so that it would fire only if its owner was pulling the trigger?

If such a firearm were to go on sale, how much demand would there be for it? Would it put an end to the plague of gun trafficking and so-called community guns? How many lives might be saved if a mechanism could, say, prevent a small child from discovering a parent's gun and firing it at a playmate, or protect a police officer from a criminal who has just wrested away his or her weapon?

Unload Your 401k

You may be invested in gun companies and not even know it. Visit Unload Your 401k to find out.

CeasefireUSA: The GVP Report

Bi-weekly highlights of national and state gun violence prevention advocacy, research, news stories, and citizen commentary.

Webster Ted Talk Professor Daniel Webster, Johns Hopkins University, talks about a specific policy path that will reduce our murder rate. "Our gun laws allow too low of standards for legal gun ownership and are too weak to hold people accountable when their actions put a gun into the hands of criminals."
Preventive MedicineThe international scholarly journal Preventive Medicine has published a Special Issue on the Epidemiology and Prevention of Gun Violence. Guest Editors Harvard Professor David Hemenway and Johns Hopkins Professor Daniel Webster have assembled an impressive group of contributors on the subject of firearms violence.
Backcountry guns Since 2010, United States Forest Service officers have handled 8,500 shooting incidents inside national forests. Illegal shootings have intensified precipitously in recent years. The New York Times takes a look at the culture clash over guns in the backcountry and how hikers are increasingly conflicting with recreational target shooters.